(Opéra Grand Avignon) “Of the three main female roles, it is Hanna Larissa Naujoks' Octavian that impresses the most. Called less than a week before this premiere (...) the German mezzo masters the vocal format of the role without any problem: seductive and warm timbre, homogeneous quality over the entire vocal range and penetrating power where it is needed.“

Irma Foletti
Première Loge Opera, October 2022

“(...) mezzo-soprano Hanna Larissa Naujoks embodies an enthralling Octavian! Sovereignly projected, the timbre is seductive, the voice very warm, and the character magnificently composed, in a masculine presence that imposes itself.“

Bertrand Bolognesi
Anaclase, October 2022

“Hanna Larissa Naujoks (...) as Octavian: a revelation. Rich timbre, homogeneous voice, smooth line, here is a Knight of the highest class, not less stylish than passionate.“

Didier Van Moere
DiaPason, October 2022

“(...) the German mezzo-soprano Hanna Larissa Naujoks takes over as the young Octavian. Despite the short time she had to prepare her role, she is one of the stars of the evening, shining and seducing the audience thanks to a voice that carries and easily overtakes the orchestra. Her timbre rich in overtones serves her convincing and committed performance equally well on stage. She adapts easily to the staging and is at ease with her fellow performers.“

Moisés Ordóñez Alarcón
Olyrix, October 2022

“There is reason for enthusiasm also for the Octavian of the German mezzo-soprano Hanna Larissa Naujoks (...). She not only has the physique of Octavian, but also the voice, with a warm timbre and penetrating power.“

Emmanuel Andrieu
Opera Online, October 2022


(Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin) „This “Rosenkavalier” in Schwerin is Theaterkunst in a form seldomly achieved. In this tasteful ambiance, the singers unfold something magnificent. “Unfortunately I need very good actors again,” the composer opined, when the piece was premiered. They were here in fortunate multitude and magical staging. Karen Leiber impressed with a powerful, healthy sounding soprano as the Marschallin, as well as Hanna Larissa Naujoks (Octavian) with a voluminous, flexibly led mezzo voice. ... The audience cavorted and stopped with their feet as the artists bowed at the end of the performance.“

Gaby Helbig
Das Opernglas, June 2019

„Karen Leiber shaped her large role as the Marschallin impressively. Hanna Larissa Naujoks harmonized with her in tone and in presentation as a wonderful Octavian. Her warm, beautiful timbre in her mezzo voice come together strikingly well for this role, which also fit with the clear, fresh voice of soprano Nienke Otten as Sophie. The women’s trio in the last act was one of the musical high points.“

Arndt Voß
nmz online, 14. April 2019


(Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin) „Among the many supporting roles, which the theatre cast remarkably overall, Hanna Larissa Naujoks as the unusually lively Bersi with a beautiful mezzo stands out...“

Arndt Voß
nmz online, 22 January 2019

„Blessed with warm mezzo tones and a lovely timbre, Hanna Larissa Naujoks’ Bersi was both aurally and visually stunning.“

Gerhard Hoffmann
Online Merker, 19 January 2019


(Theater Koblenz) „Hanna Larissa Naujoks with a full beard looks adorable as both a younger and an older man, and sings brilliantly with clear lightness that opens up into her high notes.“

Claus Ambrosius
Rhein-Zeitung, 4 March 2018


(Staatsoper Hannover) „The expressive mezzosoprano of Hanna Larissa Naujoks seemed to be made for Babette- Minette`s very down-to-earth sister.“

Gerhard Eckels
Der Opernfreund, 27 November 2016


(Staatsoper Hannover) „In the same voice type Hanna Larissa Naujoks as Annio was thrilling, too. Her sound is full and golden, yet breezy and agile as well.“

Günter Heiss
Neue Presse Hannover, 6 June 2016


(Staatsoper Hannover) „In a poor shabby room Dorothea Maria Marx (Gretel) is singing sweetly [...] asking Hansel to do a round dance (Hanna Larissa Naujoks performs and sings this trouser-role excellently).“

Beate Langenbruch, 1 January 2016


(Staatsoper Hannover) „Hanna Larissa Naujoks, playing not only the narrator but also all the other parts, does an excellent job. She acts, sings, dances – and captivates her little audience for more than 60 minutes like this. Everything she does is so interesting that even briefly distracted children are quickly drawn back in.“

Jutta Rinas
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 11 March 2015


(Staatstheater Kassel) „Appearing as a guest from Hannover, Hanna Larissa Naujoks was singing the part of Olga with her very flexible mezzosoprano.

Michael Schäfer
Göttinger Tageblatt, 12 July 2015


(Staatsoper Hannover) „[...] No wonder that Lysander [...] and Hermia, sung by Hanna Larissa Naujoks, enjoy the performance so much. [...] Naujoks’ well-focused mezzo bursts into bloom again and again.“

Agnes Beckmann, Opernnetz, 29. March 2014

„It was sheer pleasure watching all the confusion into which the two couples of Lysander/Hermia [...] (Hanna Larissa Naujoks with bright mezzo full of character) and Demetrius/Helena [...] are thrown by Puck.“

Gerhard Eckels
Der Opernfreund, 2 April 2014


(Staatsoper Hannover) „The minor parts, too, were impeccable: Hanna Larissa Naujoks as hot-blooded, seductive Lola, [...].“

Stefan Mauß, Opernglas, Issue 03/2014

„Hanna Larissa Naujoks gave a flirtatious and provoking performance as Lola and underlined with her bright mezzo the scheming aspect of the role.“

Marion Eckels, Der Opernfreund, 13 January 2014

„With her well-focused mezzo as Lola, Hanna Larissa Naujoks drives Turiddu out of his mind. The singer knows how to behave coquettishly and how to push her rival aside.“

Agnes Beckmann, Opernnetz, 12 January 2014

„Hanna Larissa Naujoks gives her Lola just the right eroticism and seductiveness.“

Bernd Stopka
Online Musik Magazin, 12 January 2014


(Staatsoper Hannover) „Hanna Larissa Naujoks sang the Marchesa Melibea with a bright and multifaceted mezzosoprano voice.“

Gerhard Eckels
Der Opernfreund, 31 December 2012


(Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern) „One Hanna Larissa Naujoks, lending brilliance to the part of Tsarevich Feodor. Perfect for a trouser-role, a cultured voice rich in colour.“

Frank Herkommer
Opernnetz, 12 June 2012


(Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern) „A wonderfully lovable fox as a trouser-role for Hanna Larissa Naujoks, who convinces with her soft and lyrically-coloured voice.“

Frank Herkommer
Opernnetz, 7 April 2011


(Junge Oper Weikersheim) „In particular Rita Matos Alves and Hanna Larissa Naujoks as Clorinda and Tisbe convinced with their voices and propelled the action forward with their acting talents. They performed the baby dolls hunting for men with great wit and sex appeal- Ingrid Steeger and Marilyn Monroe could not have done it better (or with such perfect bel canto).“

Andreas Kolb
Oper & Tanz Issue 2007/04